About  Us

What makes us different

Free from more traditional forms of church, we seek to each fill our space in the world all week long, including Sundays. No longer defined by a building or Sunday time slot, each person freed instead to take responsibility for their own walks and fruitfulness all week long. Simply put, the vision is to change the way we think about church in order to fill the universe with the body of Christ, as described in Ephesians 4.10b.

At the same time (for we are church!) we work out Christ’s love between us, in our relationships, worship, prayer and fellowship. We value the corporate side of apostolic prophetic ministry that is so much part of our heritage.  Worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship continue to play a major part of who we are; it’s just that we don’t do these things prescriptively in a particular building at a particular time of the week. Some forms of church ‘experiments’ might pendulum-swing away from ‘religion’ and also let go of meeting together to worship, pray etc – this is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. As an

apostolic (sent) people we cling to these things and seek that the life of Christ will be evidenced here too.

All members are trained and encouraged to walk in freedom and maturity – to take responsibility for their own walks and growth. The leadership take their pastoral responsibilities seriously but expect members to learn to lean on God for themselves, not the pastors. The main function of the leadership is to equip and train to see this happen.

We seek to walk in proper order and respect spiritual authority, knowing that we can only exercise the authority that in our prayer life once we submit to Godly authority out of the freedom we have received. We recognise that true freedom ultimately means being free to obey the Holy Spirit, just as Christ did.


To change the way we think about church in order to fill the universe with Christ