Great is the Lord! according to the Psalmist, in e.g. Psalm 48.1. These phrases can easily, and for long periods in our lives, seem mere phrases. We can read the Psalms (indeed the whole of scripture) with these expressions barely touching us, even when they do it is our intellect that acknowledges them, so often remaining aloof from the part of us that needs to know. Then one day the words are lit up as the holy Spirit etches their upon our hearts again – afresh. God is GREAT! And everything falls dutifully into perspective before this great truth. If God is great then all is going to be ok! The world may be a mess, our own private worlds may be a mess, but: GOD IS GREAT!  EVERYthing one day will have to acknowledge it too.

For lack of knowledge my people shall perish.

Best bow the knee NOW.